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Caromark Roofing Provides a Comprehensive Line of Residential Houston Roof Repair Solutions

No matter how large or small your roofing project is, our proven professional roofing contractors are your best connection for dependable, high quality, roofing solutions. If you are in need of a new roof, we’ll let you know immediately! If we can achieve good end results with minor roofing repairs; we’ll tell you upfront. Our goal is your total satisfaction, so either way, the final decision is yours! We will show you how repairing minor damage today, could save you thousands, while protecting your property structure. By stopping any leaks early, you will stop the damage from compounding, and you might even eliminate the need for a new roof, if your roof repair is completed promptly and properly.

No matter how small or larger your home is, a good quality roof is essential to maintaining the value of your home and all that is in it. A minor repair today could save you hundreds to thousands tomorrow. That’s why it is a good idea to check out your roof every summer when you do your annual maintenance around your home and yard. If you don’t consider yourself much of an expert on roofing, our experts will be happy to provide you with a full inspection, at no charge! Simply give us a call and schedule a time for us to come out to your home, and we’ll check for any possible leaks, weak spots or areas that look as though they may become a problem.

There are many different types of things we look at when we inspect a roof. Some of the most commonly found conditions, include:

  1. An aging roof – All materials wear out eventually.
  2. Damage due to the effects of weather – Wind, water, hail and storms.
  3. Material deterioration on the roof – Pollution from cars or chemicals can worsen the effect.
  4. Lack of Maintenance – This will also increase the odds for leaks or weak points.
  5. Design Problems – Not all roofs are constructed for optimum performance and longevity. A single tile that is misplace, misaligned, broken or missing, can cause huge long-term issues as they can allow water to get beneath the protective layers.
  6. Missing, improperly sized or installed flashing – Since the job of the flashing is to help the materials on the roof to better adhere, improperly installed, broken or missing flashing can result in major long-term damage, if it goes noticed. Making sure things are as they should be now, can save time, trouble and money later.
  7. Weak spots – This could be caused by weather, aging, improperly installed equipment on it, or improper installation.
  8. Leaks – Any slight leak today, could mean huge problems tomorrow.

Houston Roof Repair – We repair all types of residential roofs:

  • Single and multi-family home dwellings
  • Asphalt roofs
  • Metal roofs
  • Ceramic roofs
  • Concrete roofs
  • Flat and low sloping roofs
  • Roofs on heirloom properties
  • Custom matching of high-end properties


Roof Repair Houston TX – We repair all types of residential roofing problems:

  • Roof leaks
  • Weather damaged roof
  • Wind damaged roof
  • Shingle replacement
  • Torn, damaged, missing flashing
  • New roof additions
  • Garages and sheds
  • Metal roofs

Free Professional Roofing Repair Houston Homeowner Evaluations – Weather and age are the largest two challenges to address when building, repairing or simply maintaining your property’s roofing. The two together can really take a toll on the structural integrity of your property’s roof, while also positioning you for long term damage to the structure below, if it is not addressed quickly. If there is any question that your roof is not structurally sound, you want to call us immediately. If you have experienced severe storms, wind or hail, you should call us as soon as the weather breaks. As soon as we can get safely on the roof, we will inspect for any damages. Since there are laws that allow insurance carriers to limit the amount of time a claimant has to file for insurance reimbursement of any damage, you don’t want to wait past this time to report it. Catching damage on the roof before it takes additional toll on the structure and contents, will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in replacement costs or even worse the effects of damaging water damage which can break your roofing system.

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