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Here is a list of our most commonly utilized roofing materials for homes and businesses in the Houston area. If you don’t see what you are looking for, give us a call. We can help you design a custom solution for your property to meet your needs and your budget. . .

About Roofing Shingles

Shingles are the most commonly selected solution at Caromark Roofing. They are beautiful, and come in a variety of materials, finishes and colors. They are applied through a methodical, tedious process of planned patterns that provide structural integrity to roof and the property. This proven process is the same, whether it is a first home with asphalt shingles, or an upscale home, industrial or commercial property with more prestigious covering. Roofing shingles can be made from slate, wood shake, flagstone, fiber cement, clay, metal, plastic, rubber or a composite product made up of a perfect blend of some or all of these materials.

Asphalt Shingles –
Most property owners today choose asphalt shingles as it is the most readily available, strong, dependable and affordable of all roofing and re-roofing projects. Roofs made of asphalt composites, are by far, the least costly to manufacturer. As technology advances, so does the durability, and the options that are available. In fact, there have never been a wider variety of colors and designs available than there is now. We are able to match or improve the look of your existing roof to match your style of architecture. New hail resistant options have proven to be a good investment, as well as providing home insurance premium savings. Ask your roofing consultant at Caromark Roofing to show you all the exciting new options available in asphalt roofing solutions.

Slate Shingles –
Slate is beautiful, less water absorbent, and well suited for use in properties designed to blend with a “nature like” surrounding. The attractive, durable topping will set-off most any type of property, residential, commercial or industrial. In most cases, it will also elevate the value of the property. Slate is available in most local areas, and come in many “earth tone” shades of color. Roofs constructed of slate are especially coveted, in areas that are especially humid and/or are located near large bodies of water.

Wood Shingles –
Wood shingles have a style all their own. However, property owners should take safety into account. In a very dry, highly treed area that is deliberately well secluded, wood shingles may not be the best options. Many cities are now limiting the addition of a “newly” constructed or “newly added” wood shingled roof. Some areas of Texas are now limited by the cities also, which allow for the replacement of no more than 50% of a wood roofing structure. If you are thinking you might be interested in a new or newly re-roofed wood shingle home, please share this with your Caromark Roofing Consultant, who will be familiar with the specific rules and requirements of your geographical area, as well as what most local insurance recommendations are.

Clay Tile –
The most elite roofing material is considered by many to be clay tile. It is durable and can last up to 100 years or more. These heirloom looking roofs are especially appropriate for large antique or historic properties or national landmarks, and those with “old style” classic romantic architectural preferences.

Concrete Tile Houston –
Concrete tile is attractive, durable and highly sought after in high-end real estate properties. Concrete tile is amongst the highest rated weather resilient construction roofing materials, proving to also improve energy efficiency, as well. They come in many natural shades, can significantly improve curb appeal, and overall property value, while in some geographical areas also earning lower insurance premiums.

Metal Roofing Houston –
Nothing sounds like a Metal roof in a gentle rain! Historical buildings, heirloom or landmark properties, “old-style” architectural buildings, and even palatial estates are often donned in artistically applied Metal roofing sheets or shingles. In fact, metal roofing is considered “high art” in many government and historic districts and communities. The low weight of metal roofing makes it an easy addition to most any roof configuration, and the roofs are also esthetically attractive. The most common roofing materials that are utilized for metal roofing or re-roofing projects are steel, copper, lead or aluminum. The decision to add a metal roof should not be taken lightly, as this material is not inexpensive. Our roofing experts are experienced at designing, installing and maintaining metal roofing solutions.

Flat Roofs –
See the Commercial Repair Section for detailed solutions for flat or low sloping roofs, which are constructed very differently than a traditional peaked roof.

Asphalt Roofing – The Science of Color

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